Friday, May 6, 2011

Sweet Posy Flower Tutorial

This tutorial was originally in the April 2011 issue of Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine by Tracie Steeley,  it was for a wedding bouquet.  Please pop over and check out Tracie's blog, she has lots of gorgeous things to see!!!  I loved the flowers and wanted to use them for cards.  The assembly of the flower is the same, except I changed the size, and cut off the points, so that the flower would lay flat on a card or project.

1.  Cut five  1 1/4 inch squares of paper (plain or patterned).  Fold each square diagonally to make a triangle as shown.  For a sharp fold crease with a bone folder.  Thinner paper folds and creases better.

                Flowers (1)          Flowers  (2)

2.  Fold the two outer points in to the center point to make a square diamond.  Press down firmly along all of the creases with your bone folder.

                                              Flowers  (3)

3.  Take one flap and fold back onto itself, as shown, so that the straight edges are lined up with the outside of the diamond.  Do the same to the other side of the diamond.  Crease the fold well with your bone folder.

                                             Flowers  (4)         

This is what they should look like now.

                                             Flowers (5)

4.  Carefully open out the inside of the fold that you have just made, as shown.  Flatten down so it looks like the shape of a kite.  Do the same on the other side.  Use the bone folder on all sides to make the creases sharp.

               Flowers  (6)          Flowers  (7)

Now it should look like the picture below.                                                  

                                                   Flowers  (8)

5.  Fold the tops of the kite shape over the edges to crease, and then fold forward to make them even with the edges, as shown below.

                Flowers  (9)          Flowers  (10)

6.  Fold the two kite (now triangle) shapes in half along the vertical creases towards the middle as shown.  Crease sharply with your bone folder.

                                                 Flowers  (11)

7.  Bring the two sides together and glue securely using a strong glue.  Hold together for a few seconds until it stays together.  

                                                  Flowers  (12)

8.  Now you glue your petals together to form the flower.  You can either glue it together, and once it’s dried cut off the points so that it lays flat.  Or, like I did, glue the sides, then cut off about 1/4 inch, then glue the flowers together.  See picture.

       Flowers  (13)         Flowers (20)                  

       Flowers (19)         Flowers  (14)          

The amount  you cut off is entirely up to you.  It depends on how high you want your flower to stand.  Here is a look at the flower from the back side.

                                                  Flowers  (15)

Once the glue dried, I add a small piece of paper on the bottom to make it easier to attach to my card.

                                                   Ladybug Bear 

I hope you’ll give it a try, they are so pretty, and very easy to do.  I would love to see what you do with the flowers.



  1. WoW Marilyn....Ths are so pretty! I WILL be trying that.

  2. FAN-TAS-TIC! So glad you are on the DT! I LOVE your work!!

  3. Thank you so much for this fantastic tutorial on these amazing looking flowers! I definately have to try this!

  4. Marilyn
    These are such great flowers. Thanks for posting the smaller size. I did them in the big size but wanted to use them on a card and now you have shown me how. Thanks again. Love the card.

  5. Great tutorial. love the step by step instructions. The card is darling!! Thought I would pop over and welcome you to the Outlawz!
    hugs, bren

  6. Thanks for the super Tutorial! :)

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    You'll be a great addition to the team!!


  7. Awesome! Thanks for the step by step instructions it is a great help and thank you for sharing your tutorial it is gratefully appreciated. Kindest regards kendell

  8. Marilyn thanks a bunch for this tutorial, never seen it before so deffenetly gonna give a go

  9. o my now those are pretty..tfs tut. loves ya

  10. Marilyn, this is such a wonderful tutorial, you make it look so easy.
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